Imaging Services - BCH

Imaging Core at Boston Children's Hospital

The HDDC Imaging Core B at Boston Children's Hospital is housed in the GI Cell and Developmental Biology basic research laboratories of the GI division at BCH, Directed by Wayne Lencer, M.D.

All work is done on a fee-for-service basis to recover costs for equipment upkeep, supplies, and technical assistance.  Fees for HDDC Members are discounted by at least 25%.

For access to all HDDC microscopes at Boston Children's Hospital you must register at our iLab site (click here)

Services: mitotrack

The Imaging Core makes available to the research community modern motorized microscopes capable of multiple modes of imaging of both live and fixed biological samples. In particular, our optical microscopes can perform phase and DIC imaging, epi-fluorescence, ratio imaging, laser scanning and spinning-disk confocal microscopy, dual-color total internal reflection microscopy, 5-D fluorescence imaging, FRAP, photoconversion and FRET imaging.


  • Zeiss 880 laser scanning confocal microscope with Fast Airyscan for near super resolution imaging
  • Nikon TE2000 inverted microscope for DIC, phase and ratio epi-fluorescence microscopy interfaced to a spinning disc confocal, with temperature, CO2 and vibration control.
  • Zeiss Axiovert 200M inverted microscope for phase, epi-fluorescence and spinning-disk confocal microscopy, with temperature, CO2 and vibration control.
  • Olympus BX41 upright microscope with DP70 color CCD for brightfield and epifluorescence imaging.
  • Image Workstation (PC) for image analysis.
  • Vala Sciences Kinetic Imaging Cytometer (KIC), IC200-KIC: Ivideo cytometry of interrogate fast cell behaviors on a cell-by-cell basis and in high throughput). 
  • Keyence Automatic Epiflurescent Microscope (high-throughput, high-resolution)
  • Olympus FV3000R confocal microscope (enables 2D-6D (x,y,t,λ,p) macro to micro imaging of cells, tissues, and small organisms).

Fees:  Core B - Boston Children's Hospital (BCH)