HDDC Membership includes scientists from diverse fields and experimental approaches, but all are conducting research relevant to the digestive tract. To bring HDDC members together and catalyze the exchange of ideas and collaborations, we have grouped our membership within one or more of our Themes based on their major scientific focus:

These “Thematic Groups” are not formal or rigid; many members have interests and collaborations that span two or more themes, and all Center events are open to all members.

By focusing Enrichment Program events such as seminars, symposia and other Center activities on specific HDDC Themes, the HDDC catalyzes collaborations and interactions among members and engages the broader Boston research community in digestive disease related research.


Please remember to acknowledge the Harvard Digestive Disease Center and NIH grant P30DK034854 in all publications and presentations emerging from HDDC core services, resources, technology, and expertise.