Epithelial Cell and Mucosal Immunology

Epithelial Cell and Mucosal Immunology Core provides the infrastructure, biologic resources, expertise, and training for innovative and cross-disciplinary research on epithelial biology and immune function in mucosal surfaces and solid organs of the GI tract.

Core Director: Wayne Lencer, MD
Contact: Michael Grey, PhD


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*Procedure to access the equipment in Enders Building: You will need to provide your drivers license to the security guard to access     the building.

Polarized Epithelial Cell Culture and Genetic Transformations

Maintenance of epithelial cell lines and generation of specialized in vitro model systems.
Core Scientist: Wayne Lencer, MD

Cell Sorting


Analytical Flow Cytometry

Analysis of cultured cells, organoid cells, or cells of primary tissues. 
Core Scientist: Naresh Singh Redhu, PhD

Transepithelial Electrophysiology

Equipment, training, and consultation for use of electrophysiology in studies on epithelial cell function using live cells, cell monolayers, and tissues.
Core Scientist: Wayne Lencer, MD

Gastrointestinal Organoid Derivation and Culture

Training and resources for generation and culture of gastrointestinal human and mouse organoids.
Core Scientist: David Breault, MD, PhD

Specialized Services for Cellular Molecular and Biochemical Analysis

For Member use.
Core Scientist: Wayne Lencer, MD