Welcome to the Harvard Digestive Diseases Center

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The Harvard Digestive Disease Center (HDDC) is a NIH-funded community of scientists focused on the study of epithelial cell function and mucosal biology including inflammation and host defense of the gastrointestinal tract.

We have a major focus on the intestinal and inflammatory bowel diseases; gut microbiology; and stem cell and developmental biology of the intestine and liver in organ physiology, regenerative medicine, and metabolism.

Center member’s research address three major themes that are basic to understanding the mechanisms of normal digestive tract function and the pathogenesis of disease:  

•Epithelial Cell, Developmental, and Stem Cell Biology;
•Innate/Adaptive Mucosal Immunology and Microbial-Host Interactions
•Gut Microbiome and Metabolism

The HDDC supports basic and clinical research through Biomedical CoresClinical Research ResourcesEnrichment Events, and Pilot-Feasibility Grants.

Our overarching mission is to foster better translational and basic science in fields related to digestive tract function and digestive diseases by *Connecting People, *Creating Opportunity, and *Extending Resources


Please remember to acknowledge the Harvard Digestive Disease Center and NIH grant P30DK034854 in all publications and presentations emerging from HDDC core services, resources, technology, and expertise.