Welcome to the Harvard Digestive Diseases Center

    The Harvard Digestive Disease Center (HDDC) is a community of scientists focused on understanding the cellular, immune, and microbial biology of mucosal surfaces lining the alimentary tract: this is the Center’s Theme. We aim to elucidate the integrated cell and molecular biology of the epithelial, immune, neuronal, mesenchymal, and microbial cell types that comprise the complex ecosystem of the gut.
    Our work has impact on the inflammatory and non-inflammatory diseases of the stomach, intestine, and colon; on basic tissue and organ physiology; and on the gut microbiome and its interface with the host including effects on metabolism.
    The HDDC includes scientists in 4 major areas of research that are basic to understanding the mechanisms of normal digestive tract function and the pathogenesis of disease:
    • Cell, Developmental, and Stem Cell Biology of the Alimentary Tract
    • Innate and Adaptive Mucosal Immunology and Microbial Pathogenesis
    • Gut Microbiology and Metabolism
    • Clinical and Translational Research on the Alimentary Tract