Microscopy and Histopathology

There are 3 locations for Core B services:

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC)

Overview: The HDDC Imaging Core B at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) consists of two interacting components:

The Histology core, provides service for paraffin embedding, sectioning, staining, and frozen sectioning and the Imaging/Microscopy core, provides shared equipment and service for confocal, widefield, photodocumentFcrn humanation, electron microscopy, and digital image processing.  In addition, the microscopy core has an immunostaining service. 

Director BIDMC: Susan J. Hagen, PhD
Confocal Supervisor: Lay-Hong Ang, PhD      

Boston Children's Hospital: (BCH)

Overview: The Imaging Core makes available to the research community modern motorized microscopes capable of multiple modes of imaging of both live and fixed biological samples.

Co-Core Director, BCH: Jay Thiagarajah, MD, PhD

Program in Cellular and Molecular Medicine:

Overview: Consultations are available with Dr. Kirchhausen in advanced light and electron microscopy, including lattice-light-sheet technologies at the Immune Disease Institute (previously Center for Blood Research) and the Program of Molecular and Cellular Medicine at Children’s Hospital located at Harvard Medical School's Warren Alpert Building. 

Co-Core Director: Tomas Kirchhausen, PhD 
Research Technologist: Eric Marino