Microscopy and Histopathology

There are 3 locations for Core B services:

There are 3 Longwood-area locations for Core B services and 2 Harvard-based locations for access to advanced imaging instrumentation and services:

For information about the integrated services provided in Core B, please contact Susan Hagen, PhD, Core B Director at shagen@bidmc.harvard.edu.

Longwood Site 1: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC)

Overview: Core B at the BIDMC consists of two interacting components:

  • The Histology core: provides service for paraffin embedding, sectioning, staining, and frozen sectioning;
  • The Imaging/Microscopy core, provides shared equipment, service and/or training for confocal, widefield, photodocumentation, electron microscopy, and digital image processing. In addition, the Imaging/Microscopy core has an immunostaining service.

BIDMC core contact: Susan J. Hagen, PhD
Histology Supervisor: Suzanne White, BS

Confocal/Immunostaining Supervisor: Lay-Hong Ang, PhD

Electron Microscopy Specialist: Kyle Smith, BS

Image Analysis Specialist: Aniket Gad, MS


Longwood Site 2: Boston Children's Hospital (BCH)

Overview: Core B at the BCH provides modern motorized microscopes capable of multiple modes of imaging for both live and fixed biological samples. This site also has image processing support and services.

BCH core contact: Jay Thiagarajah, MD, PhD

Microscopy Supervisor: Michael A. Anderson, PhD

*Procedure to use equipment at Childrens: Contact Mike Anderson to arrange for use of equipment. You will need to provide Security in the Enders building with your drivers license to gain access to the building.


Longwood Site 3: New Research Building-Pathology BWH (NRB-Path)

Overview: Core B at the NRB-Path site provides a wide range of instrumentation including spinning disc microscopy for living mice and advanced STED super-resolution microscopy instrumentation. Utilization is on a collaborative basis only. Dr. Turner also provides consultation on human and mouse histopathology for all HDDC members. Please arrange histopathology support through Susan Hagen (email above).

NRB-Path contact: Jerrold (Jerry) R. Turner, MD, PhD
Lab/Microscope Manager: John Heneghan, PhD


Harvard University Site 1: Harvard Center for Biological Imaging (HCBI)


Overview: The Harvard University HCBI site provides a wide range of instrumentation for cutting-edge conventional and super-resolution microscopy. This facility is for independent usage (no service work) after extensive training by HCBI staff and is available to all HDDC member labs. Please arrange HCBI usage through Susan Hagen (email above).


HCBI contact: Douglas (Doug) Richardson, PhD


Harvard University Site 2: Center for Nanoscale Systems (CNS)



Overview: Core B utilizes expertise in transmission electron microscopy to offer techniques, equipment, and expertise in focused ion beam (FIB)/ scanning electron microscopy (SEM) for super-resolution 3-D imaging of biological samples. This is a new option for HDDC members for which the methods are currently in development (2021). Please arrange usage of the CNS through Susan Hagen (email above).


CNS contact: Stephan Kraemer, PhD