Mucosal Immunology

Theme 2 investigators are basic scientists probing the cellular and molecular basis of adaptive and innate immunity critical to mucosal defense. Given the intense relationship between the immune system and lumenal microbes that plays out across the intestinal epithelial barrier, it is not surprising that there is considerable overlap and collaboration of investigators in this Group with Theme 1 (epithelium) and Theme 3 (microbiota).


Leaders: Edda Fiebiger, PhD & Richard Blumberg, MD
Blumberg, Richard, MD BWH Role of intestinal epithelium in mucosal immunology
Brigl, Manfred, MD BWH Mucosal-Associated Invariant T cells: role in protection
Camilli, Andy, PhD NEMC Role of c-diGMP signaling in Vibrio cholerae virulence
Chatila, Talal, MD BCH Role of the intestinal microbiota in tolerance and allergy
Fiebiger, Edda, PhD BCH IgE-mediated immune activation in mucosal disease
Flier, Sarah, MD BIDMC Mechanism of intestinal inflammation-associated fibrosis
Geha, Raif S., MD BCH Primary DOCK8 immunodeficiency in food allergy
Goettel, Jeremy, PhD BCH Regulatory t cells in control of intestinal inflammation
Horng, Tiffany, PhD HMS Role of the macrophage inflammasome pathway in IBD
Kagan, Jonathan, PhD BCH Intracellular signaling in innate anti-microbial immunity
Kokkotou, Efi, PhD, MD BIDMC Gut hormones and neuropeptides in colitis and cancer
Leong, John, PhD Tufts/NEMC Interactions of EHEC with intestinal epithelial cytoskeleton
Mathis, Diane, PhD HMS Effects of gut microbiome on immune system function
McCormick, Beth, PhD U Mass Pathogen-induced neutrophil migration across epithelia
Mekalanos, John, PhD HMS Genetic and molecular basis of V. cholerae pathogensis
Paster, Bruce, PhD Forsyth Oral microbiome for diagnosis and prognosis of IBD
Quintana, Francisco, PhD BWH Aryl hydrocarbon receptor control of Treg differentiation
Raychaudhuri, Soumya, MD, PhD BWH Genetics of altered NK T cell function in IBD
Sharpe, Arlene, MD, PhD,  BCH, DFCI T cell costimulatory pathways in tolerance and immunity
Snapper, Scott, MD, PhD BCH, BWH Genetics and regulatory T cells in inflammatory disease
Springer, Tim, PhD BCH Innate and adaptive mucosal immunology
Starnbach, Michael, PhD HMS Mechanism of IFN-gamma control of Shigella infections
von Andrian, Ulrich, MD, PhD HMS Visualizing lymphocyte migration and interactions in vivo
Waldor, Matthew, MD, PhD BWH Cell biology and virulence genes of enteric pathogens
Weiner, Howard, MD BWH Oral tolerance and gut microbiome in auto-immunity
Wesemann, Duane, MD, PhD BWH Innate and adaptive mucosal immunology
Winau, Florian, PhD BCH Hepatic stellate cells in immunity and T cell induction
Yang, Priscilla, PhD HMS Small molecular inhibitors of hepatic and enteric viruses
Zanoni, Ivan, PhD BCH Innate immune cell signaling in inflammatory disorders
Associate Member Institution Research Focus
An, DingDing, PhD BCH Microbial sphingolipid modulation of iNKT cells
Baker, Kristi, PhD BWH Intestinal immune regulation by IgG and FcRn
Biswas, Amlan, PhD BCH Innate and adaptive mucosal immunology
Horwitz, Bruce, MD, PhD BCH Roles of NfKB, IL-10 and regulatory T cells in IBD
Onderdonk, Andrew, PhD BWH Human gut microbiota in health and disease
Oyoshi, Michiko, PhD BCH Immunology of eosinphilic esophagitis and food allergy
Surana, Neeraj, MD, PhD BCH Effects of the gut microbiota on host immune functions