Microbiome and Microbial Pathogenesis

Theme 3: Gut Microbiome & Microbial Pathogenesis

The HDDC members active in this Affinity group include investigators applying advanced sequencing and informatics to study the commensal gut microbiome and its interaction with the immune system. New and continuing members focused on the commensal microbiome join an accomplished group of established scientists focused on microbial pathogenesis in the intestine and liver.

Leaders: Lynn Bry & Wendy Garrett
Blaskus, Emily, PhD HU Gut microbiome metabolism: role in health and disease
Banks, Alexander, PhD BWH Role of PPARg phosphorylation in insulin sensitivity
Biddinger, Sudah, MD, PhD MIT Insulin signaling in liver and control of lipogensis
Bry, Lynn, MD, PhD BWH Host-commensal-pathogen interactions in the intestine
Collins, Jim, PhD BUSM/Wyss Systems analysis of antiobiotic effects on gut micriobiota
Comstock, Laurie, PhD BWH Role of bacteriodales in the intestinal ecosystem
Ersoy, Baran, PhD BWH Gut microbiome, gnotobiotics, and metabolism
Fraenkel, Paula, MD BIDMC Hepcidin modulators in human hepatocytes and iron overload
Garrett, Wendy, MD, PhD HSPH Gut microbiota in immune function and tumorigensis
Gerber, Georg, MD, PhD BWH Computational modeling of gut microbial communities
Greenberg, Andrew, MD NEMC Micriobiota and lipid effects on host metabolism
Kahn, C. Ronald, MD (Core D) Joslin Insulin signaling in gut and liver, and metabolic syndrome
Kahn, Barbara, MD BIDMC Gut microbiome, gnotobiotics, and metabolism
Lee, Chih-Hao, PhD HSPH Molecular mechanism governing hepatocyte lipogensis
Maratos-Flier, Eleftheria, MD BIDMC Gut microbiome, gnotobiotics, and metabolism
Paw, Barry, MD, PhD BCH Genes involved in liver mitochondrial iron metabolism
Rakoff-Nahoum, Seth, MD, PhD BCH Inate and adaptive mucosal immunology
Shoelson, Steven, MD, PhD BWH Gut microbiome, gnotobiotics, and metabolism
Spiegelman, Bruce, PhD DFCI Gut microbiome, gnotobiotics, and metabolism
Tavakkoli, Ali, MB, BS BWH Intestinal nutrient transport in diabetes & obesity
Associate Member Institution Research Focus
Cox, Andrew, PhD BWH Hippo pathway in liver development, regeneration, & cancer
Feinberg, Mark, W., MD BWH  
Kalaany, Nada, PhD BCH Gut microbiome, gnotobiotics, and metabolism
Tullius, Stefan, G., MD, PhD BWH