Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting


Core Scientist: Naresh Singh Redhu, PhD

Analytical Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting


High-end analytical flow cytometry is available for simultaneous measurement of protein expression and other characteristics of epithelial and other cell types. This includes: i) Analysis of cell surface or intracellular proteins or other “markers”, ii) Analysis of intracellular cytokine production, iii) Monitoring of intracellular Ca2+ mobilization, iv) Determination of cell death, and v) Analysis of receptor-mediated endocytosis, sorting, and recycling. Core scientists provide consultation and assistance with experimental design as needed, and technical assistance is provided on an individual basis. A computer station with appropriate software is provided for data analysis.

A BD Melody Cell Sorter is available for cell sorting.


BD LSRFortessa 16-color cell analyzer

BD FACSCanto II 8-color cell analyzer

BD Melody Cell Sorter


Fee Schedules        
  HDDC Member BCH Non-Member Non-BCH Non-member Industry
Fortessa $20/hr $45/hr $60/hr $100/hr
Melody $60/hr $90/hr $177/hr $255/hr
Canto $20/hr $45/hr $45/hr $90/hr




The LSRFortessa and the FACSCanto™ II cytometers are available to users only after full training on use of the equipment by core staff (Naresh Singh Redhu, PhD), and after a satisfactory period of working alongside Dr. Redhu to assure competence. Training involves completion of a web-based pre-training session (required) at the individual's own pace. Subsequently, a hands-on training session covers basic principles, general operational procedures, and basic troubleshooting. Technical assistance is provided as necessary on an individual basis. Software and computer infrastructure are provided for data analysis and this may be performed on-site.

Users can request training and make reservations through HDDC iLab website (link to be added).                


Quality Control

Daily maintenance and calibration of the FACS machine is performed by Dr. Redhu at the BCH site and by Jennifer Cusick at the BWH site. The lasers are aligned yearly and fully service by company technicians.